Let’s get to the point!

I have been counseling in Austin since 2011. I spent my first years counseling in a great group practice called Alive Austin. My Yoda was Frank Cohn and he showed me a lot about myself, and a lot about having the guts to try and help others find their way. The time came for me to venture outside the protective nest of the group practice and go it alone. So, I decided to go for it, and I decided the name simplejones would be a good name for my private practice. I have the word simple tattooed on my arm. It acts as a constant reminder to always make an effort to find and embrace the simplistic aspects of every human situation. My hope is that I can help you whittle down the perceived complications of life into a simple proposition.

I feel very confident and effective counseling in the following areas:

Chronic Illness(diagnosis, pain mgt., sense of self, disability, relationships)

Existential Challenges(fear of isolation, fear of no meaning or purpose, fear of death)

Anxiety (social,anticipatory, panic attacks, work place, social media)

Depression (symptoms, episodic, major depression, suicide, life event induced)

Bipolar Disorder (symptomology/diagnosis, mania, depression, suicide, medication, effects on family/friends)

Mood Altering Substances & Behaviors (street and prescription drugs, eating, sex, gambling, shopping, exercise, work, alcohol, and many more)

Opioid (Use/ Addiction/ Withdrawal/ Cessation Plan / Suboxone Use)

Death & Dying (diagnosis, family issues, spiritual development)

Meditation Development (basic skills, daily practice, apps)

Ketamine Assisted Therapy (client will be assisted while experiencing ketamine dose. *Client MUST procure their own Ketamine)

Acute Humanitis 🙂 (we ALL got it…in one way or another!)

Acute Humanitis? That is basically the catch all phrase that means all of us are suffering from the same thing…but in our own unique way. I would be happy to help you with an issue that doesn’t fit into one of the tidy boxes listed above.

Keep it simple!